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  Host_Joan_LiveEvents :  Welcome to MSN Live, home to Celebrity Chat!  Thank you for joining us today and I hope you will enjoy your chat!  


DishDiva_ says: Hello to all the Lambs out there!

DishDiva_ says: Thanks for joining us on MSN Live!

Host_Joan_LiveEvents : Thank you for joining us for this very special chat event with Mariah Carey

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DishDiva_ says: Welcome to MSN Live! Tonight we are very pleased to be welcoming superstar Mariah Carey to MSN Live!

DishDiva_ says: Mariah, it's great to have you here!

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Thank you Dish Diva! Hello lambs, I'm so glad to be talking to you today.

PoorHat0 in Onstage_ asks: How are you doing, Mariah?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: I feel great! Because I come from a family without a lot of money, I have an incredibly ridgid work ethic. I've been putting out an album a year since I got out of high school. It took until I had been exhausted that I was neglecting ME. It was a wake up

Mariah_Carey_Live says: call.

Smoke_Eater787 in Onstage_ asks: As a firefighter I just wanted to thank you for your appearance on the fund raising event. I'm very happy you're feeling better. God Bless You and your career.

DishDiva_ says: What was it like to be part of that event?


Mariah_Carey_Live says: Thank you for being a firefighter and everything you do as a hero. It was very important for me to be a part of the telethon. It was the least I could do with everything going on in the world.

DishDiva_ says: You're a New York girl. I know you went to New York last week. What was it like being at Ground Zero?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: It was very difficult to go to ground zero as a New Yorker. I also only live a few blocks away from ground zero. It was a strange experience. I thought it was important to go to the relief family centers and spend time with the people and talk with them

Mariah_Carey_Live says: As a New Yorker it was an experience I'll never forget. My prayers are with all those who were touched by this tragedy.

KJU212 in Onstage_ asks: Mariah, what was your reaction when you first heard your song "Vision of Love" on the radio?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I think I was just screaming and I was with a friend in the car and another one on the phone and nobody could understand how much it meant to me because it was something I was dreaming of since I was a

Mariah_Carey_Live says: little girl. It's still exciting to hear a new song of mine on the radio to this day.

Dj2Rude in Onstage_ asks: Which do you prefer acting or singing? Which one is harder? BTW, I LOVE YOU!

Mariah_Carey_Live says: It's hard to decide which creative thing I enjoy most. I have been singing since I started talking. I have been a songwriter most of my life. I enjoy acting as well. I look forward to further projects, one which I just completed. It allows me to use a

DishDiva_ says: That would be "Wise Girls"?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: different side to my creativity.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Yes with Mira Sirvino, in which I play much more of character role.

londonlamb in Onstage_ asks: Did you find that taking acting classes did more than just improve your talent at acting but also help you grow in confidence about yourself?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Yes I do. That's a great question. When I did the "Butterfly" album I was studying for a long time. It did help improve my confidence as an artist and person. I was a very insecure child and young adult even though I was a performer.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: I was able to explore my creativity, be it through writing or acting exercises. It was good for me overall.

concertx in Onstage_ asks: What's your favorite song on the new album and why?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: It's hard to pick a favorite song off the new album because they're all very different and where they take me emotionally. Some are great party records and some are ballads. "Don't Stop" is the latest single and I'm really into that one. Also "DJ Save My

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Live" and "Reflections" are other favorites.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: ("DJ Saved My Life" was one of my favorite songs growing up.)

Mariah_Carey_Live says: That's why I put it on the soundtrack.

Guest_Outside327 in Onstage_ asks: Mariah, you have saved my life in so many ways, and I can't imagine my life without you.  My favorite song that you sang was "Outside", and wanted to where the inspiration for that song came from? **Butterflies & Kisses, Holly**

Mariah_Carey_Live says: "Outside" is really a song that I wrote about how I felt growing up as a multi-racial person. I think a lot of people relate to that song because when you feel different from others it can make you feel like an outsider in many ways.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: And it can stay with you sometimes and that's why I wrote that song. Thank you.

RDrakeA in Onstage_ asks: I love listening to the voice messages you leave on your website! Do you enjoy doing that?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Thank you, lamb. I love leaving the voice messages but I've had to tone it down recently due to folks that don't understand our inside lingo.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Our inside humor at times

Mariah_Carey_Live says: But I will continue to leave the messages because I don't do it for other people, I do it for you.

MCRulz_Liron in Onstage_ asks: Mariah, I LOVE the Mariah language you've made up! Would you mind sharing a few of your favorite phrases with us lambs? - Liron, from Israel.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Dear Liron, thank everyone who helped make the fan books for me, I loved them! Anybody reading this right now, you know who you are. I do appreciate them and things of that nature. I still travel with them (in fact).

Mariah_Carey_Live says: But in terms of new "lingo" said like Dr. Evil "I don't know and neither do you."

Mariah_Carey_Live says: If I try to come up with something now it would be a complete and total mess. So eat, drink, dance, keep it moving. I love you much!

Guest_MC4eva in Onstage_ asks: Mariah, what is your fascination with rainbows?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Obviously I had the album "Rainbow" and I have told the story many times of seeing a double rainbow before I put that album out and didn't have a title for it. There have been a couple of other occassions that have been important to me as well.

Mariah_Carey_Live says:

amethystradio in Onstage_ asks: How difficult was it to make a CD that had to be modern yet incorporate an 80's twist?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: I grew up listening to music from the '80's and am a huge fan of hip-hop growing up as well. So incorporating those two elements and ballads as well, help refelct the emotional content of the movie. And really how I was feeling was a challange. I enjoyed

Mariah_Carey_Live says: it a lot. I feel that the record is very modern. Especially some of the songs that haven't been on the radio yet like "DJ Saved My Life," "Reflections," and "Lead the Way."

Guest_MinaElle in Onstage_ asks: What was you favourite scene in the "Glitter" movie?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: People tell me these two songs remind them of the first album and that is a big compliment.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: I would say my favorite scene in the apartment with Roxie and Louise that say, "it's not a date." I like the scenes with the girls because they are a little more light hearted and fun.


glitter_gurl_mc in Onstage_ asks: Hey Mariah, doing the "Glitter movie, is it what you expected it to be?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: There are a lot of variables, directors, producers, and a lot of people who are in control and it's their vision. It is a different situation and in life I like to go through different situations. It is different than making a record, but I enjoyed it and

Mariah_Carey_Live says: look forward to my next acting experience. I will never stop writing and singing songs. I felt acting in this film made me more connected to the music.

mc_myke in Onstage_ asks: Which song of your own do you love to sing most?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: I don't know, it's really hard to choose because performing live the fans like to hear songs that are more obscure. I like to sing songs that people don't know as well like "Close My Eyes" from "Butterfly." That's my favorite.


Guest_Mark in Onstage_ asks: Mariah, Linda Ronstadt tried her hand at opera.  If you attempt something completely different, what might it be?

UNCCbutterfly in Onstage_ asks: Mariah how was it working with Mystikal?  He seems like a really funny guy to be around.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: I loved working with Mystikal. We just finished the video. He and his people were really nice. I loved what he did on "Don't Stop.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: "

woz777 in Onstage_ asks: Hi Mariah, who is your hero?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: I look at people like the rescue workers and fire fighters that have been working to save so many people out there as our heros. The point of my song "Heros" is to look inside yourself to find the courage to be a hero in any situation. That's what I try

Mariah_Carey_Live says: to do to find strength in myself.

DishDiva_ says: Do you want to ask Mariah Carey a question? Click the submit question button and enter your question now.

AtouchOfTwister in Onstage_ asks: Mariah, Over the years...you have written some of the most pretties and lovely songs I've ever heard, I was wondering, is it easy for you to write a song and then sing it? Armand

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Some songs that are very close to my heart, in terms of the emotional content, are more difficult to sing because they make me cry. But some songs are really fun like "Honey," "Heartbreaker," and "Loverboy" (even though I haven't done it live yet).

Mariah_Carey_Live says: It really depends on the song.


Ash_43_Doodle in Onstage_ asks: Just recently my sister died and your song ONE SWEET DAY really helped me alot and I wanna thank you. I also love your Glitter Soundtrack and your Rainbow CD. I have all of your albums! Which one would you say is your favorite if you can choose.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: I'm very sorry to hear about your sister. I'm glad "One Sweet Day" could help you get through. Much love goes out to you. I've always said that "Butterfly" was my favorite CD but I think I would have to put a collection of songs that were my favorite

Mariah_Carey_Live says: together to make an accurate representation as an artist. I have done some remixes of songs that people have never heard and those are my favorite renditions.

AW_101 in Onstage_ asks: Do you plan on coming to Australia to promote "Glitter"?

onegurl26288 in Onstage_ asks: When will you come in Bangladesh one day?

Zelenikat in Onstage_ asks: I'm Rachel from Spain and it's 2 AM! I just wanna thank yu for everything you´ve done for me without knowing it. I love you and I hope you keep on doing music for a long time. Your last record is fabulous and you got the 80´s style you wanted. I love you

Guest_Glittergirl in Onstage_ asks: Do you plan on coming to Germany to promote "Glitter"?

Guest_mc_cherry in Onstage_ asks: Yeah are planning to ever come and visit to New Zealand? We love you here so much.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: I wish I could travel around the world and meet all the fans who've shown me such an outpouring of love and support. My entire career, especially now. At this moment we are having a world crisis and I have to be respectful of that.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: I wish everyone strength and love during this time and as much peace as possible during this time.

mcbigfan in Onstage_ asks: Hi Mariah, my name is Liz.  I heard from someone that the child "Billie Frank" was created from a video of you as a child.  Is this true?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: No, the actress is actually Isabelle Gomes, a very talented, young Brazilian girl.

Guest_BREAKitONdown in Onstage_ asks: Keeping the spirit of 'Glitter' alive: What is your favorite 80's song?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Some of my favorite songs were songs I used in replay like "Loverboy" ("Candy" by Cameo), "DJ Saved My Life" (which I did as a remake with Busta Rhymes and Fabulous). There's so many songs I enjoyed from the '80's that's why I remade them.

epicMC in Onstage_ asks: Your next video "Don't Stop" is set to be a visual feast.  Could you give us a quick synopsis of what goes on?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: It's basically New Orleans Speakeasy vibe. I think it's going to be really cute.

Guest_madz in Onstage_ asks: Your career has been like a fairytale come true, what is the one achievement you treasure the most?

Mariah_Carey_Live says: The thing I treasure the most about my career is the ability to do what I love with my gift of music and creativity and share them with my fans who have been here with me and supported me through everything.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Every time I get to meet someone that tells me that my music has touched their life, it's a blessing. I'm still just happy to be here.

DishDiva_ says: Mariah, it has been such a pleasure having you as our guest on MSN Live tonight. Best of luck with your new CD "Glitter" and of course your new film of the same name.

Mariah_Carey_Live says: Thank you Dish Diva. Lambs, I appreciate you and love you. Everyone else, thanks for joining us.


Mariah_Carey_Live says: Thank you to everyone around the world, I hope to be there with you soon. Thank you so much for your love and support.

DishDiva_ says: Thank you to Mariah Carey and Virgin Records for taking part in this very special event.

DishDiva_ says: Thanks also to tonight's hosts and to you the MSN Live audience.

DishDiva_ says: If you have missed any of tonight's event, the transcript will be posted later this evening.



DishDiva_ says: Good night!


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