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::Welcome to the Reviews page. Here you will find various reviews of Mariah's latest performances, albums, videos, movies and much more! All reviews written by the Webmistress unless stated otherwise::

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::Glitter Soundtrack Review::

First of all I would like to say that "Glitter" is definitely one of the best albums Mariah has ever recorded. Below you will find a review of each track from this fantastic album!


I feel that this track is a little like the old Mariah that the critics seem to love. But, unfortunately "Loverboy" didn't bode too well with the critics as it constantly received bad reviews. I disagree with all those comments because I think that this is like the old Mariah pop records from back in the day. Ludacris brings a little hip-hop to "Loverboy" and Da Brat as always brings class to the track. What I love about this record is that it's fun, not taken too seriously and the video clearly shows that Mariah's having a good time. The remix version of "Loverboy" has a little more style to the released version, and the "Candy" sample brings that little bit extra. If you like the "Pop" Mariah, then you'll love "Loverboy".




"Lead the way" is a classic Mariah ballad that features the talents of Walter Afanasieff. Walter has accompanied Mariah on many of her biggest hits such as, the phenomenal single "Hero". This pair clearly work well together, and "Lead The Way" also shows that Mariah can still hit those high notes. This is a beautiful ballad that reminds me of the Mariah we used to hear back in 93.




Whenever I listen to Ja Rule I just hear "I'm Real" the duet with Jlo and I don't have a clue why. "If we" is such a brilliant record I cannot stop playing it. The vocals provided by Mariah, Ja Rule and Nate Dogg are incredible. It's a great Rnb track and Rule gives it a little edge. "If we" is definitely one of my personal favourites and should be a future single as I think it will go straight to the top of the charts.




As soon as I heard this record I thought "Prince". "I didn't mean to turn you on" is a great 80's track and Mariah's vocals are just fantastic, she sounds sexy, classy and better than ever! Mariah proves that she can still make a classic song into one of her own. This is a great track for the "Glitter" movie and I'm glad that it is played throughout the film.




This track should be renamed "Mystikal featuring Mariah" not the other way round. Although this is a great pop/rnb record you rarely hear Mariah except for in the chorus and that high note that made Billie Frank a star in the "Glitter" movie. "Don't stop" is also another great song remade by Mariah and the video that comes along with it brings us 3 Mariah's! This track is not the best song on the album, but it brings us another side to Mariah's vocal skills, which is always a good thing.




Would somebody please tell me how this lady does it? How can Mariah turn an old classic into something truly amazing? I'm so happy that Mariah chose to do an album with the majority of the tracks old classics because she re-records them so well. At the beginning of this song it gives you a little spoiler as to what's in the movie, as does "I didn't mean to turn you on". "All my life" has a fantastic beat that mixes well with Mariah's vocals. This track is just pure disco, fun filled, party material that will be a hit in the clubs!



::REFLECTIONS (care enough)::

This song was written for the character of Billie Frank as it talks about a mother abandoning her child, which is NOT autobiographical as Mariah's friendship with her mother is one in a million. "Reflections" starts with a great piano intro, the words are beautiful and it goes perfectly with the theme of the movie. Another great Mariah ballad that fans will go crazy for.




This track features the vocals of Busta Rhymes, Fabulous, DJ Clue and of course Mariah. Another hit from the 80's that will get you straight on the dance floor! With new talent Fabulous and Mariah sounding better than ever, this is definitely a highlight of "Glitter" which should have been featured in the movie. A dance classic.




A duet with Eric Benet that sounds a little like "All my life". Although this track isn't a cover it sounds like an 80's song and is written well. Not the best song on the album but nonetheless, it will have you moving in the clubs!




What I love about this track is that the intro actually sounds like a song from a movie, which is a rarity these days. A beautiful, powerful ballad that is the big finale in the "Glitter" movie. When I first heard this track I was crying my heart out. That's how moving this song is. A second single release from this album, which should do well in the charts.




Now for me, "Twister" is not one of my favourites. The lyrics are incredible and have a beautiful meaning but when I listen to it on the CD it doesn't sound that good but hearing this song in the movie is great. Not a great track, but if you like a Mariah ballad you'll love this.



::Glitter Movie Review::

I'm going to be completely honest with you when I say that 'Glitter' could've been a lot better. I'm not saying that it was awful because I really enjoyed the movie and as I watched it I was laughing and crying. When I first sat down to watch 'Glitter' it was a little slow to start with, but as the film went on it got much better. It was a little weird to see 'Mariah Carey, singer' in a film, but I've watched it many times now and each time I enjoy it even more. Max Beesley was an asset to this film and I think that without him I wouldn't have liked it as much as I did. Mariah proved that she can act but I feel that 'Wise Girls' should have been her movie debut instead of 'Glitter' because of the similarities between the character of Billie Frank and Mariah's own personal life. Overall it was a good movie and I want to say well done to Mariah for giving us Lambs a chance to see a different side to your many talents. If you're a Mariah fan you will definitely be a fan of 'Glitter'.  Insert text here...

::Review of Mariah's performance at America: A tribute to heroes::

On Friday September 21st Mariah performed for the first time since her breakdown for the "America: A Tribute to Heroes" Telethon. Mariah sang "Hero" beautifully, and the performance was perfect. She looked stunning in a full-length black dress and was also a bit teary-eyed at the end of the song. If you looked into Mariah's eyes you could see that this performance meant a great deal to her. It's good to have you back MC.

::Review of Mariah's performance at the VH-1 Fashion Awards 2001::

Mariah recently performed 'Last night a DJ saved my life' at the 2001 VH-1 Fashion Awards and I thought she was fantastic. At first I thought she seemed a little nervous but hey, if you think I'm wrong email me with your comments. Mariah proved that she still has what it takes to be a perfect performer when it comes to live events. She looked and sounded better than ever, and to all those people who've badmouthed her recently, why bother? Mariah is still a big player in the music industry and the crowd clearly enjoyed her performance.