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::Here You Can Find Mariah's Latest Voice Message Transcripts dating back from August 20th, 2001. Soon we will have an archive of message transcripts just for you Lambs!::

Hey Lambs, So umm, because today is the day of mourning we went and stood on, me and my friends and my friend Louise is here with me, and we went on one side of the road and lit some candles and stood there and made some new friends and met some people. Yeah, we're just trying to talk about the incidents that are going on and things that had been happening over the past weekend and understand a little better and trying to be with people as we move on, ya know and trying to recover from this situation so I want to tell you that I love you as always and I enjoy you very much and erm thank you for being here for me! Bye!

::September 21st, 2001::

::October 3rd, 2001::

Mariah: Hi(GH)! Hey lambz, I'm calling you from New York. I just wanted to check in becoz I haven't called in a while and things of that nature... And yeah I'm here with the infamous and worldfamous Trey Lorenz! I believe he wants to say hello and something i don't know...

Trey: What up playa? (sings) "I'll be there to comfort you, chillin with my girl Mariah, ya know she's on fire yeah" Mariah: (laughs) ReRe, you wanna say hi?

ReRe: Hello everyone! Hope y'all are having a nice day! And hey, sitting here with Mariah and Trey going over things and just being happy to be here.

Mariah: Exactly, we're still just happy to be here! So, umm, I just wanted to say I appreciate you, I enjoy ya and I'm gonna call again soon! Coz It's just been too long and I love you! Okay, buh-bye

Okay this is a message for my fans and I just want to say thank you SO MUCH for all the letters and everything that I got from you. Want you to know that you just can't believe everything you read and umm and thank you because I am taking care of myself and as we speak, I am going to speak to you, I am looking at the most beautiful rainbow going across the sky. And I love you much, thanks, bye!

"Hey guys, I'm just checking in, letting you know that I love you! I'm reading the letters you wrote me and you always make me smile, no matter what. I'll call you soon, bye!"

Hey lambs, it's me. I just wanted to call in and say, I love you, and thank you so much for everything, and for just (sigh) giving me the strength to like deal with any nonsence because, life is too short to dwell on any negativity, and I just want you to know that, I appreciate you so much, and I say it all the time, but, I really mean it, and I'm blessed to have everything I have, and we all are, and I just wanna send out love to everybody and tell you how grateful I am, just to be where I am, and to have you, and thank you for getting me through everything. Luv ya much, bye.

Hey. Like I said in my earlier message, life is really really precious, and I just wanna send out, my deepest sympathy and love to Aaliyah, and her family, and uhm, that's the most important thing. Life, and appreciating it. Buh bye.

::August 26th, 2001::

::August 25th, 2001::

::August 23rd, 2001::

::August 20th, 2001::

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::October 23rd, 2001::

Hey Lambs.. Yeah I'm calling to let ya know that I've been out doing some stuff, that's um been making me happy, and seeing some fans, and performing, I was at the "what more can I give" concert, I did a couple of songs, and um, it was nice to see other artists coming together to do that um for the cause and...I also did the VH1 fashion awards, which was a lot of fun and kind of like a big party and things of that sort.

and um, pretty soon I'm doing the Radio Music Awards , and I guess your going to be able to see that on the, the I think it's the 26th. So don't be mad at me if I'm wrong you know I'm not good with dates.. (laughs) ... Anyway, I miss you and love you and enjoy you.. I'm resting, and working and doing the stuff that makes me happy, um, filming an episode of Ally McBeal which should be cute, and um, things of that nature.. So I will call in, talk to you soon, and hopefully come around and see all of you soon, um around the world who have been waiting for me. And I'm looking forward to that. All right? Talk to ya soon. Bye.

::November 4th, 2001::

Hi lambs! I just wanna let you know that I did a show tonight, a TV special, that's gonna be on in December, called "Home For The Holidays," with me and a lot of special guests and I think it's gonna be really nice. It's for foster children and helping them find homes and... things of that nature. So, I miss calling you and leaving messages and... I hope everybody is doing well and, hmm, love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy ya. I... I hope you saw the other night on the Radio Music Awards when I was thanking you, I don't know if I stayed there long enough and thank you long enough but you know that I love you much, so, hmm, and you know how much you mean to me. So, I will holla back soon. Bye!

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::November 13th, 2001::

"Hey Lambs, Um..I tried to leave you a message about this last week but it didn't go through so here I am calling in to let you know I re-recorded "Never Too Far" and "Hero" and made them into a Medley and that's gonna be out in stores December 4th, you can hear it on the radio as well, and um there's also gonna be a video taken from a live performance that was done, so um.. the B-side of that is also an unreleased track that I've been saving called "There for me" and I hope you like it, so check it out, I will call you again soon, I love you, I miss you and I enjoy you - as you know!, So bye bye!"

"Hey lambs,

I just wanted to call & say thank you cos I'm travelling around & I'm just seeing so many of you and getting so many incredible fan books & just really nice gifts & everything & yeahhh I wanted to know that you make me happy & that's the most important thing.. just like being there for each other in life & um, that's all I can say, and thank you much.. and I'm trying to read through all the fan books & its a classic.. There was a classic moment before, I was reading through one of the fan books & Jack, my dog - has his own website (laughs) & that was the best! That made me laugh for like 10 minutes, so I love ya, I enjoy ya & I appreciate ya! & I'll call again soon - Bye"

::December 1st, 2001::